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Campus Title Company is a dedicated partner during your home-buying or refinancing process to ensure your home’s title is cleared for legal transfer of ownership.

Our residential title company team is made up of real estate & legal professionals who are educated in thorough title research and examination, so you can get to closing day without any delays and full of confidence. Get verified title research results from one of the best real estate and land title companies in Maryland.

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During the home buying or refinancing process, a lot of questions can arise and a lot of services are needed that you’ve previously never been exposed to before. Having the right team to help you from the first offer to closing day is vital to not only acquiring your home but to gaining proper, legal ownership of your home and protecting your investment for the duration of ownership.

Title insurance companies like ours provide title insurance to help protect your investment. Title insurance ensures that the seller has every right to legally sell the building, property, or land they are representing, and that your offer of ownership is legal to the stipulations that both parties have agreed upon. If a dispute of ownership were ever to arise after purchase, title insurance protects you and we help dispute the claim.

Our title search company will aid in ensuring that there are no other claims to the ownership of the property, including spouses, relatives, early owners, or other parties. We will also ensure there are no title defects that may hinder the right to ownership.

Possible title defects we look for and help protect you against include:


Campus Title Company is a leading title insurance company in Maryland and Virginia due to our personalized client dedication. Our aim is to make your home buying or refinancing process seamless, simple, and enjoyable. We provide unparalleled value and assurance so you can come to closing day knowing your investment is protected and your home is rightfully yours. Our dedication is focused solely on your rights and ensuring no one else or any other entity has a claim to your property.

While navigating the home buying or refinancing process there will be deadlines, documents, and more that you must handle. Campus Title Company gets you to closing without delays and with full communication of how the process is going. We will help answer any questions or concerns that arise and will discuss any possible issues with the title that may be discovered. With us on your team as your residential title company, you can have faith in the process and for years to come.

Residential Title Insurance
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Campus Title Company can handle all of your residential transactions for a wide variety of clients including:


Campus Title Company was founded in 2005 and has over 15 years of experience. We are made up of professional real estate members and attorneys who are well versed in the lingo, process, and title requirements to help with every step of the purchasing process.


Reliable and on-time, you can count us to use the proper avenues of research and have consistently reliable results without delays


Questions? Concerns? We’re here for you! We keep you up to date on our research, stick to timelines, and communicate any issues we discover.


Located in Maryland, we are a title search company that is connected to our community and has a trusted network of professionals we work with to provide unparalleled service.


Our residential title company employs research methods that check out previous owners, spouses, financial interferences, fraud, potential defects, and more.


Complicated cases do not scare us away. We are prepared with years of knowledge, hands-on experience, and proven methods that ensure you can purchase with confidence.

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