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Campus Title Company MD is a full-service professional title company located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We are a real estate attorney MD-owned and managed with over 15 years of experience. We handle both residential and commercial titles services, and it is our goal to provide all customers with the best title service possible. We believe that a title company should be accurate, efficient, responsive, and courteous in providing title services to its customers. Contact us today with any questions you have!

Hiring Our Local Title Insurance Company in MD

Your Local Title Insurance Company in Maryland for Verified Service

Purchasing a home or commercial property is a large investment, if not the largest investment you’ll make. A reliable, professional title company will ensure the seller has every right to sell their property, protecting you, the buyer, and your investment. Feel confident and secure during closing with our Professional & Local Title Insurance Company that’s located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Real Estate Title Company And Land Title Company in Maryland


We are the trusted real estate title company and land title company in Maryland that ensures you are protected with your purchase. Buy with confidence in both residential and commercial markets with us by your side. Be sure that no other individual or entity has a right or claim to your property: we’re here for your rights.Local Title Insurance Company

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What Are Local Title Company Helps With

Campus Title Company employs a staff of experienced real estate professionals to assist with any residential titles and commercial titles. Our real estate title company in MD handles even complicated cases and purchases to ensure everything is correct and in order by the day of closing. Trust the experts of our local title company to put your needs and rights first, so you can have faith in your investment.

Title Research and Examination

Our title company thoroughly researches and examines the title of the land or property you are purchasing. Our research encompasses any previous owners, interest holders, or open financial aspects that may interfere with the transfer of ownership.

Title Insurance Policies

With help from Campus Title Company, your policies ensure that the land or property you are purchasing is rightfully yours after the sale is concluded and you have complete ownership over your investment. With our thorough title research, you can rest assured that the ownership exchange proceeds as expected.

Protected Rights

Should any claim arise against your property after you have gained ownership, we help dispute the claim for you. Research, examinations, and other aspects are all provided to help prove rightful legal ownership.

Peace of Mind Professional Title Insurance Company

With our professional title insurance company, you can feel secure in the ownership of your property, both now and long term. Campus Title Company is a reliable real estate title company that protects you for the duration of your ownership and investment with ownership title insurance.


Purchasing a new home? The process can feel complicated, frustrating, and stressful. It can also be exciting, joyful, and a wonderful experience with the right team assisting you. We are a real estate title company and land title company in Maryland devoted to ensuring your home purchase is rightfully yours by closing day.

Real Estate Title Company Professionals

Our team of experienced real estate professionals is committed to thorough title research and examination that gets you to closing day without delays and a full title insurance policy. As one of the best title insurance companies, you can count on us to protect your home investment.

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Campus Title Company MD isn’t just experienced in residential title searches. We are knowledgeable with commercial title insurance too. When deciding to purchase a new commercial property for your business, investment, or another project, we are here for you, no matter how complex the case.

Land Title Company In Hunt Valley, MD

We make sure you are protected and have the appropriate legal ownership rights to the land or building you are purchasing. As a trusted and experienced land title company in MD, we are here for all of your commercial real estate needs.

Professional Title Insurance for Lenders, Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors

Lenders Can Count On Our Professional Title Insurance Company in Hunt Valley

As a lender, it’s important to you that everything goes smoothly during closing. This ensures you retain your client’s trust, and you don’t need to scramble for last-minute adjustments. Our local title company in MD anticipates any issues that may arise, and we work to get them resolved quickly, so there is no delay when it comes time to close. Trust Campus Title Company to work with you for the best real estate title service in Maryland.

A Local Title Insurance Company That Works with Realtors

A primary aspect of a realtor’s job is to retain the trust and a strong relationship with their clients. The best way to do this is to work with a reputable and reliable professional title insurance team. Working with one of the best real estate title insurance companies ensures you can walk your clients through the home buying process with minimal complications and a smooth close. At Campus Title Company, we focus our efforts on getting everyone to the closing table satisfied and excited about their purchase. Provide confidence to your clients with our local title company in MD.

The Best Title Company Service for Buyers

Don’t let purchasing a new home or property be a daunting task. Campus Title Company consists of team members who have decades of experience handling each and every real estate task imaginable. We provide the best real estate title company service to our clients because we want your purchase to go smoothly and be an exciting time for you, not a stressful one. Owned and managed by an attorney, Campus Title Company is a local real estate title company In Maryland you can feel comfortable working with, no matter what challenges arise during the home buying process.

Sellers Need the Right Title Insurance Company During a Sale

Although the buying party will often select the title insurance company during a sale, the seller of the home or property needs to feel comfortable with the title service as well. This is why Campus Title Company provides the best title service by working with everyone involved when needed. Our work is completed thoroughly, so no one is blindsided by any issues that arise. The goal is to get every buyer and seller to closing day, which is why we go above and beyond other title insurance companies in Maryland to provide the best title service for everyone involved.

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Campus Title Company MD was founded in 2005 and had over 15 years of experience. We are made up of professional real estate members and real estate attorneys in Maryland who are well versed in the lingo, process, and title requirements to help with every step of the purchasing process.


We are a real estate attorney owned and operated, so we can handle any title service you may need. Reliable and on time, you can count on us to use the proper avenues of research and have consistently reliable results without delays.


Questions? Concerns? We’re here for you! We keep you up to date on our research, stick to timelines, and communicate any issues we discover.


Located in Maryland, we are a title search company that is connected to our community and has a trusted network of professionals we work with to provide unparalleled service.


Our real title company employs research methods that check out previous owners, spouses, financial interferences, fraud, potential defects, and more.


Complicated cases do not scare us away. We are prepared with years of knowledge, hands-on experience, and proven methods that ensure you can purchase with confidence.

About Our Local Title Insurance Company Hunt Valley MD

You know you are in good hands with Campus Title Company because we are staffed with a reputable and experienced team. We pride ourselves on providing the best title service utilizing our professional knowledge and range of skillsets for unparalleled service.

Shannon J. Posner Manages Our Local Title Company MD

Shannon owns Campus Title Company and oversees each and every deal. As a licensed attorney, Shannon provides the best title service by using his years of experience in law to protect each client in their investment.

Kathy Hayhurst Has Decades of Experience with Professional Title Insurance

Kathy is our senior title processor and has a decade's worth of experience. She has worked for title insurance companies since 1990 and makes it her mission to provide the best title service to every client.

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Campus Title Company
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Rick FaintRick Faint
16:28 11 Dec 20
Shannon and his team did a great job when we refinanced our home. They are very responsive and was able to clearly explain everything as we went through all of the documents. I can’t recommend them enough. If you are looking for a title company contact Campus Title
Nicholas MuellerNicholas Mueller
14:50 10 Dec 20
Campus Title did a great job handling the refinance of my home. Shannon and his team are professional and made everything go smoothly. I will use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to refinance or purchase a home.
Emily DannerEmily Danner
17:01 07 Oct 20
Campus Title Company exceeded my expectations when I bought my first home with my husband. Shannon Posner was so responsive throughout the entire process and made the home buying process less stressful. I could not have asked for better customer service from a title company. I highly recommend this title company!
Shane JaegerShane Jaeger
00:56 03 Sep 20
My fiancé and I used Campus Title Company to close on our first home. It was an awesome experience! Kathy was very responsive and always willing to help. Shannon is the man! Professional, knowledgeable, and very fun to work with. I would recommend Campus Title Company to anyone and everyone.
matt sturmfelzmatt sturmfelz
18:22 18 Aug 20
I had the pleasure of working with Campus Title for a recent refinanceof a home. From the start, I saw that the communication and professionalism from Shannon and his team was some one of a kind. Settlement was quick and easy thanks to Campus going out of there way to make my experience top notch. I will certainly be using them again.