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Are you about to make a large commercial property purchase in Maryland or Virginia? What about in another state in the US? Campus Title Company is here for you and all of your commercial title needs. We are an experienced, reliable , real estate title company that is dedicated to thorough title research and clear communication, even on the most complex of cases.

Protect your investment, have peace of mind, and feel confident on closing day with Campus Title Company title research, examination, and title insurance policies. We work to protect your rights and ensure no other entity or persons has a claim to your property. Select Campus Title Company for verified research and trusted real estate title company services.

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What Our Commercial Title Company Can Do for You

Our commercial title company is composed of legal and real estate title company professionals equipped with the experience and education to help you with your next commercial property purchase. Our focus is on creating a partnership that gets you to closing day with all of the title information you need to make a confident purchase that protects your ownership rights.

A commercial property purchase is a large investment, and the best title insurance company will ensure you have guaranteed legal ownership over the property and a backing team behind you should a dispute ever arise.

Campus Title Company provides Commercial Title Services In Hunt Valley, MD.

Title Research

For unknown heirs, unpaid taxes, or other issues.

Title Examination

For fraud, forgery, invalid powers of attorneys, or other defects

Protection of Rights

If a dispute ever arises, we assist in providing proof of legal ownership and the right to the property.

Responsive Actions

We are on top of all questions, concerns, or issues that arise, providing clear communication and dedication to your timeline.


Our professional land and real estate title company provides dedication, experienced service to ensure your purchase is rightfully and legally yours. We ensure that the seller has a legal right to sell the land they are offering and that there are no hidden defects, heirs, owners, or other hindrances that may have a right to the property or try to make a claim. For the length of your ownership of the property, owner title insurance ensures your right to the land and gives you a team to assist should a dispute arise.

Commercial title insurance will protect you, your investment, and your business, so you never have to worry. Our goal is that on closing day, you are excited about the purchase and can focus solely on your property’s future development and growth. At Campus Title Company, we consider ourselves one of the best title insurance companies in Maryland because we’re local, dedicated to our community, and invested in your future.

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Why Choose Our Commercial Title Company In Hunt Valley, MD?
15+ Years Experience

In 2005, Campus Title Company was founded. Our team consists of professional real estate members and attorneys. We are experts with the lingo, buying-and-selling process, and title requirements. We are available to help you every step of the way.


Campus Title Company respects your time and your business. We are on-time, reliable, and accountable. We utilize proper research avenues to get all the information you need to have a secure and confident purchase.


Buying a commercial property is a stressful process. This is why we respond to every question or concern you have without delay. Be kept up to date throughout the process with our thorough communication.


Located in Maryland, our title search company has a network of trusted professionals to provide us with remarkable service. We are part of our community, and as such, can deliver exceptional, trusted service.


We check previous owners, spouses, financial interferences, fraud, potential defects, and more. Our title search company employs trusted research methods to leave nothing to chance.


With over a decade of experience and comprised of knowledgeable experts, no case is too complicated for our team. Let us put our hands-on experience and proven methods to work for you.

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